September 27th, 2011

Some photos from Hall IV Dinner and Dance 
Shanghai Night, held four Saturdays ago at Grand Copthorn Waterfront Hotel.

It had been a particularly hectic week for me due to multiple projects and make-up lessons, which explains why I wasn’t dressed in a cheongsam (actually, even if I had time to shop for one, I doubt I was going to be able to fit…). Thank God I managed to borrow a lovely dress from sis at the last minute, albeit not according to theme.

It was also my first time being able to dine and watch the pageant from the comfort of a dinner table in three years, haha. I must say the food was quite good :> Elmo then headed to newly elected hall king, Wenjie’s house for a round of drinks & htht, which lasted till morning.

My last Dinner and Dance, and it was enjoyable. :>